5 Free Educational Resources

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The cost of education is a hot button issue.  While there is a place for formal education, it’s not necessary for everything.  As an entrepreneur I try to constantly be investing my energy in furthering my education and learning more.  Sometimes that involves shelling out cash for paid courses and books, but there’s also a wealth of information floating around for free on the internet.

MIT’s Open Course Ware

MIT shares almost all of their course material online for Free!  There’s nothing holding you back from an MIT quality education.  I’ve been checking out their course on multivariable calculus to try to beef up on my math skills.  They also have courses on Business, Engineering, Health and Medicine, and many more.  You can find their available courses here.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy started as a youtube channel created by 1 man trying to tutor his cousins and has grown into a large team.  Their stated mission is to provide “a free, world class education for anyone, anywhere.”  They cover a wide range including economics, computing, math and arts & humanities.  All of their courses include quizzes along with text and video similar to MIT’s Open Course Ware.


Youtube is not just the host of gaming let’s plays and cat videos.  There are several educational channels.  You can use their search to find videos on any topic that you’re interested in.

Some of my subscriptions include CGP Grey, Craigslist Hunter, Numberphile, The School of Life, and Computerphile.


Podcasts are absolutely fantastic!  I like them because they’re convenient to listen to while driving, working out, showering, …. pretty much anywhere.

Since they’re often released monthly, weekly, or daily, they can help provide more up-to-date info than you would normally find in an audio book.  Some of my favorite podcasts include: Stacking Benjamins, Scavenger Life, Planet Money, BBC Inquiry, and WSJ’s Your Money Matters.


You’re already aware of this one since you’re reading a blog now, but blogs can be treasure troves of information.  Most blogs have an RSS feed you can subscribe to (mine can be found here).

If you use an agregator like feedly, you can check all of your favorite blogs in one place.  Some of my favorite blogs/feeds include NerdWallet, Slashdot, and The Hacker News.