Simplify Your Life With Gusto

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Time is my most precious resource.  As such I like to try to find whatever I can to add some efficiency to my life.  One service I’ve found that I’d like to take the time to share is Gusto.  It has seriously simplified my payroll needs and has given me a lot of peace of mind in the last few months that I’ve been using it.

Affordable and East To Set Up

Gusto’s on-boarding is incredibly easy.  I was able to set up everything I needed for my company to handle payroll taxes, unemployment, and workman’s comp in about an hour.  Workman’s comp is handled through a third party, but between Gusto and them I pay less than $100 per month to pay myself and my two employees.

Less Tax Surprises

You may still be required to pay quarterly taxes, but having the payroll taxes deducted from every paycheck means that you won’t owe as much each quarter or at the end of the year.  You may even get money back.

No More Checks

I remember it was always a hassle writing myself a check, signing both sides, and then depositing it with my phone.  With Gusto everything is done via direct deposit.  At the end of every pay period I approve my salary, Gusto takes all the money out of my bank account to pay my wages and taxes, deals with all the tax stuff, and deposits all my taxed earnings into my personal bank account.  It’s incredibly easy.

Automate Saving and Investing

With Gusto, you can set up the direct deposit to move percentages of your money to various accounts.  That way, you won’t have to manually go in and contribute funds.  For example, I was able to get the direct deposit information for my vanguard account and add that to Gusto, so I wouldn’t have to manually initiate a deposit every time I got paid.

Do Yourself a Favor and Sign Up Now!

If you use this link you’ll get a $100 bonus (as will I).  Depending on your organization size, that may be 2-3 months of payroll for free!